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Applicants interested in joining the Metropolitan Police Department should direct themselves to where they have the ability to create an application. The application should include no falsity, and be up to a reasonable standard.

You must be 15 years or older to join.

This will then be reviewed by our recruitment team who will make sure your answers are up to our usual standards, once accepted you'll be invited to join our Discord and Teamspeak in order to set up an interview.

If your application has been denied, you will be informed.


You've made it past the first stage, the next step is to interview you. Don't panic at this stage, this is for us to know a little bit more about you, and test you on some scenario based questions along with any knowledge you've gained from being a part of the CMG community and from reading our handbooks! (If you haven't read the Officer Handbook yet, now's a good time!)

After your interview is complete, we'll calculate your score on our system; this helps us understand any knowledge gaps. You'll be expected to reach a set score, this will be explained to you by your interviewer.  You may be asked to leave or be moved out after your interview, this is purely to give the interviewer enough time to decipher whether or not there are some potential points lost/scored as well as review your behaviour and personality within the interview.

Note: If you do not pass your interview the first time, you will be asked to return in a minimum of 24 hours to resit your interview.

Basic Training

Congratulations! Now the hard work starts.

You've made it to the training stage, you'll be given a training sheet with a list of videos which will cover subjects covered across the handbook.

Once you've watched the training videos there will be a training exam, which consists of 19 questions with a pass mark of 17.

If you pass your interview you'll be required to screenshot your score and send it to an FTO so you can move onto your ridealong.

Ride Along's/Tests

This may seem daunting, or boring to begin with, however this is to ease you into the officer life. CMG is full of surprises, therefore we need to make you're ready to face the public on your own.

You'll be put with an appropriate officer, you'll be with the officer for around 5 hours attending different calls, you must always remember to listen to the instructions provided to you. These calls will be a large variety of difference to ensure you know how to deal with as many situations as possible, over this session you should find this extremely useful.

After your ridealongs are fully completed, you will have to go through 1 more tests. The Final Exam. The Final Exam will take around 45-60 minutes and gives you several scenarios to assess your roleplay, communication, use of force and police procedures. Once completed, if you have passed you will have achieved the rank of Police Constable.

Remember: As, as a PCSO you can't respond to any situations on your own, you must be with your ride-along partner (unless authorised by an Chief Inspector+ to travel to a situation.

Bullying – Zero-Tolerance Policy

This community takes bullying and the act of bullying very seriously. Remember, there is always a fine line between having ‘banter’ with someone and bullying. Always make sure you know where the line is. The community, members and management are expected to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and therefore anyone who breaks this expectation will be removed dealt with accordingly. Further action may be taken by the CMG Community Managers at their discretion.