Welcome to ERPT! The response team are the back bone of the police force. Every officer will start in this division, this allows them to gain the knowledge and skills to police CMG. As an officer within ERPT, you're expected to carry out all forms of patrolling, including Foot patrols, responding to 999 calls, dealing with life or death situations. You'll perform routine traffic stops, attend supermarket robberies, support SCO19 and serve members of public as necessary.

ERPT Clothes & Vehicles

The Arrest

Once you’ve read their rights & searched them. Seize any illegal items they have (Weapons, Drugs, Dirty money), Request for a basic driver on the radios; should nobody respond, You put them in your car and transport them to the nearest Police Station. From here on you can ask if they would like to contact a solicitor, if they say yes they have 10 minutes to get to the holding cells. You may uncuff the suspect so they can contact their solicitor. Upon arrival of the lawyer you search the lawyer and if he has anything illegal, you must take these from him and tell the solicitor to leave. Make sure to roleplay out this situation with the lawyer and suspect. Once the lawyer agrees to the sentence and fine or when the suspect has asked for no lawyer, you may tell him the jail sentence and fine. If he or his lawyer have no further question you may sentence them. 

If they ask for a higher up you MUST provide them one if there is one available. If they ask for your name & badge number you MUST provide them your name & your perm id (perm id = Badge number). 

Basic Laws

Traffic Stops

Once you have pulled over the suspect. You make sure you call out your traffic stop. E.g. “CN-1 pulling over a grey Aston Martin, pulling to a stop at ammunition. Standby for more information” ask for the person to turn off the engine, if they do not comply its fine as well but its for a more secure traffic stop. When at a stop you can step out the car and go over to their window. You can ask them to roll the window down (/roll), if its night you can shine the flashlight through the window to see the driver for more roleplay. You ask for their ID ( E (on the car > Ask for driver ID ) , make sure you ask for their ID verbally before asking it through your menu. You check their registration plates / number plates on the ID and the vehicle and make sure they are matching. Let them go with a warning or fine them the amount that is on the Crimes and fines sheet. If they have quality roleplay be lenient on the fine. Give them back their ID after the traffic stop and wish them a good day.

TPAC - Tactical Pursuit and Containment

The one and only TPAC that may be done is the box in manoeuvre. You will box in the vehicle with 3 other police vehicles. Mainly interceptors will take lead. If there is no interceptor on duty, the highest member of the response team will take lead. The front vehicle will slowly decrease their speed to put the vehicle to a stop.

All risks must be summed up before TPAC is performed, this includes but is not limited to:

Bullying – Zero-Tolerance Policy

This community takes bullying and the act of bullying very seriously. Remember, there is always a fine line between having ‘banter’ with someone and bullying. Always make sure you know where the line is. The community, members and management are expected to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and therefore anyone who breaks this expectation will be removed dealt with accordingly. Further action may be taken by the CMG Community Managers at their discretion.