Divisional Handbooks

Bullying – Zero-Tolerance Policy

This community takes bullying and the act of bullying very seriously. Remember, there is always a fine line between having ‘banter’ with someone and bullying. Always make sure you know where the line is. The community, members and management are expected to have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and therefore anyone who breaks this expectation will be removed dealt with accordingly. Further action may be taken by the CMG Community Managers at their discretion.

Response Team (RT) Handbook

RT. The biggest division in the Met PD. Focused on responding to civilian calls, looking after the general public and assisting at crime scenes, robberies and pursuits. RT are a vital part of the police and include some of the best officers on the force.

SCO19 Handbook

The SCO19 team are an integral part of the police department. These officers risk their lives on the front line responding to any calls that involve weapons, and large violence.

Roads Policing Unit (RPU) Handbook

RPU focus on the patrolling and protecting the motorways and larger arterial routes throughout the City.

National Police Air Service (NPAS) Handbook

Providing the eyes in the skies, this unit allows officers to stay at a safe distance whilst still providing vital information on the scene. Our helicopter has been tuned to keep up with the fastest pursuits; with a new quieter engine system, it's harder to hear in the skies.

College Of Policing (COP) Handbook

This will walk you through the steps to training and teaching all new officers the ropes. This should be looked at alongside the Interview and Training checklist.

Command Structure

This will show you all the ranks and people currently in command positions.